Electrical Insulating Material – The Life of Fiberglass Materials

How long is the life of fiberglass materials

Since fiberglass materials are widely used in aviation, aerospace, vehicles, ships and other industries, researchers have begun to pay attention to the natural aging life of composite materials. In essence, the life of glass fiber is affected by the factors such as raw materials, curing processes, and so on.

fiberglass materials

Next, let’s talk about the life of fiberglass materials.

Generally, the glass fiber reinforced material is exposed to the atmosphere, so it is easily affected by various environmental factors, and the properties of glass fiber materials are reduced. The most important factors are heat, light and humidity. But these three factors have different effects on the properties of glass fiber materials.

The physical and mechanical properties of glass fiber material are quite dispersive, and its dispersion is affected by the dispersion of raw materials, namely, resin and reinforcing fiber. Moreover, the flow behavior, bubbles and voids of the resin in the reinforced fiber have great influence on the life of the glass fiber. Theoretically, the use of glass fiber materials through coupling agents can last up to 50 years. It is reported that a lifetime of a fiberglass wire pole developed by a company in Brazil can last up to 80 years. Even if it is damaged, it can be repaired at the scene without power failure.

As a functional material, glass fiber reinforced composite has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, light quality, high strength, good design, good construction technology, good surface performance, aging resistance, flame retardancy and low comprehensive cost. ZhongTian Electrical Equipment Group has been developing in the electrical insulation material industry for many years and won the city. The approval of the field and the praise of the customers.

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