What affects the insulation performance of the motor

What is the main reason that affects the insulation performance of the motor? Since the insulating material is a material with good insulation, it can be applied to various electrical equipment. The insulation structure of a general motor is composed of several different insulating materials, and it needs to undergo a certain processing process. For different combinations of insulating materials, both their compatibility and their repellency must be considered. When we combine a motor insulation structure, we must consider the compatibility between insulation materials. Only different materials play a good role in interaction, can play a relatively good insulation effect. The main reasons that usually affect the insulation performance of the motor are as follows:

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1, the temperature factor: If it is running, its temperature has exceeded the temperature of the insulation material, it will affect the insulation performance, and even damage the motor;

2. Voltage factor: When the motor is working, it needs to maintain a constant and appropriate voltage. If the operating voltage is too high or unstable, it will also affect the insulation of the insulation material;

3, mechanical factors: In the normal operation of the motor, due to transport, mechanical load, frequent start and other influencing factors, the impact of vibration will be installed on the insulation material, etc., will cause damage and other conditions;

4. Environmental factors: If you receive environmental influences such as ambient voltage, chemical-containing gases, or moisture, the insulating properties of the insulating material will also change.

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