good insulation tube

The insulated pipe has a single seal

The insulating tube shielded pipe bus adopts the hollow copper tube as the conductor. The external appearance of the copper tube includes the heat insulation layer, the pressure equalization shield layer, the insulation waterproof layer, the ground shield layer, the outer insulation protection tube layer, and the anti-UV insulation tricolor protection. The outer protective layer is composed of a PTFE material for the main insulation, a woven copper mesh for the pressure-equalizing layer (screening layer), and a polyolefin high polymer material for the insulation sheath. The structure of the fully insulated and shielded pipe bus is somewhat like the outer structure of the cable, and the bus bar runs safely and reliably in a sealed and insulated environment.

Large current carrying capacity, low skin effect, low power loss The insulated copper tube bus is a hollow conductor, with a large surface area, uniform current density distribution on the surface of the conductor, and a low skin effect coefficient. Compared to multiple rectangular conductors, at the same current carrying capacity, The AC resistance of the high-voltage insulated tubular bus is small, so the power loss of the busbar is small. Good heat dissipation conditions and low temperature rise: high-voltage insulated tubular busbars are hollow conductors, and busbar inner diameter air ducts can naturally apply insulated copper tube busbars to create hot air convection in new construction projects, and therefore have better heat dissipation conditions.

Large section modulus and high mechanical strength: Due to the tubular shape of the conductor, its section modulus is large and its mechanical strength is high. Large-span arrangements can be used, and the number of busbar support parts can be reduced at the same time. Under 50k A short-circuit current conditions, the Φ100×5mm copper pipe busbars have a span of 9m and are supported by busbar brackets. The busbar span can reach 13m. Strong electrical insulation: high-voltage insulated pipe bus adopts sealed shield insulation, and the grounding potential of the shell is zero. The shielded insulated tubular busbar has uniform electric field distribution, strong electrical insulation performance, and good weather resistance.

Strong anti-seismic capacity and simplified installation: High-voltage insulated tubular busbars can be directly fixed on steel frame or concrete support, and wall sleeves and post insulators can be eliminated, which has strong seismic resistance. The busbar structure is concise, clear layout, easy installation, and maintenance-free operation. Insulation material heat resistance, aging resistance, high insulation performance: high pressure insulation tubular bus main insulation material using PTFE, can work in -250 °C ~ +340 °C, excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, dielectric loss Small, flame retardant, anti-aging, service life ≥ 30 years.

No interference from the environment, high reliability, low maintenance workload: High-voltage insulated pipe busbars are enclosed and insulated, no condensation occurs inside, and eliminates the influence of external moisture, dust and other factors, and has a high degree of reliability. The high-voltage insulated pipe bus adopts single-machine sealed shield insulation, reliable grounding, can completely avoid all short-circuit faults, has high reliability, and has a small amount of inspection and maintenance.

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