The epoxy board is “loving”

The Epoxy Board Is “Loving”

To love is to love and not let go, and this extension means that people are very fond of the epoxy board. Have you ever wondered why the insulation board is so large that only epoxy panels are popular with people? This is the purpose of writing this article. To this end, I have summed up the following points.

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(1) epoxy panels can meet the insulation requirements of electrical equipment. One of the most important properties of the epoxy plate is that it has good insulation. The voltage is rising and the insulation performance of the insulation board is a new test. The breakdown voltage of the epoxy plate is as high as 40kV. Even if the current voltage is rising, it wants to reach its breakdown voltage value, which leads to the board. It is impossible for a material to become a conductor. It can be used safely and safely.

(2) the epoxy plate meets the requirement of temperature. Electrical equipment in a long period of work, will produce a lot of heat, especially in the hot summer, heat can not be released in time, natural heat resistance of the plate is a great test. With the continuous progress of scientific research, the high temperature value of the epoxy plate can reach 160 degrees. The high temperature resistance value avoids the bad conditions such as the stratification, the light color and the cracks caused by the high temperature.

(3) epoxy panels can meet people’s aesthetic requirements. The appearance of the epoxy plate is very smooth, without any uneven phenomenon, and the feel is very warm and moist, the color of the color is very natural, the overall effect looks very grade, and the high-end electrical equipment is very consistent.

(4) the epoxy plate conforms to people’s environmental awareness. Today’s haze weather has become an important challenge for the 21st century, in order to return the earth to a fresh air, a blue sky. A healthy breathing, now the industry is constantly trying, and the epoxy plate is a halogen free plate, in line with the national sustainable development strategy, to meet the aesthetic requirements of the people.

Through the above description, I think you should know why epoxy plates are so hard to put up with us. Our factory specializes in producing epoxy panels, if you have any need. Do not prevent the factory of Zhongtian electrical equipment group. I believe we will never let you down.

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