The effect of insulating materials on electrical energy

The effect of insulating materials on electrical energy

Electrical energy in our daily life, talking about electrical energy, has to say insulation material, insulation material not only in the electrical energy, in industrial production, scientific research plays an important role in all walks of life. Electrical energy is an essential energy for our residents’ life. At the same time, the insulation material is convenient for us to use electricity safely and scientifically, and bring happiness to life. Then, we will look at the role of insulation materials in electrical energy.

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Insulating materials can protect our electricity safely. Insulating materials in our daily lives silently bear the functions of insulation, heat insulation and conductor protection. The higher the voltage and the larger the current, the greater the energy of the arc. It may not be known that the instantaneous temperature of the arc can be up to 3000 degrees, which can completely cause the combustion of the surrounding combustibles or cause the explosion of combustible gases, dust and so on. It is conceivable that the status of the insulating material is irreplaceable.

In a word, with the rapid development of industry, the higher the requirements for electrical equipment will be, the electrical insulation performance will have a direct impact on the electrical service life, so the performance of the insulation material needs to be improved accordingly. Therefore, the new insulation material with high point is the way to improve the insulation technology of electrical equipment. At present, high and low voltage electrical appliances are thinking of miniaturization and large capacity development, high arc resistance electrical insulation material research and development is imminent.

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