The bakelite board have high temperature resistance

Why does the bakelite board have high temperature resistance?

Searching on the Internet, massive information shows that the bakelite board has high temperature resistance. But why does it have high temperature resistance? Is it even less? Why? Have you ever thought about it? Do you want to know? I have collected relevant information and summarized it as follows:

What is a bakelite board?
It is a synthetic compound, mainly composed of bleached wood paper, lint paper and phenolic resin.

bakelite board sheet

Why does it have high temperature resistance? It is inseparable from its synthetic material.

1. Bleached wood paper: high temperature resistance: 150-180.

2. lint paper: it is a kind of natural insulation material, high temperature resistance and good toughness. The material processed by cotton velvet has the advantages of small thermal conductivity, light weight, attraction, high temperature resistance, insulation and no combustion.

3. Phenolic resin: high heat resistance, small shrinkage during hardening, and stable product size. The bond strength increased by more than 20% than that of phenolic resin, and the heat resistance increased by more than 100 degrees. The new phenolic resin products can be used for 250 days, and the products are wet and alkali resistant.

bakelite sheet

The physical property of the bakelite board:

1. Size: thickness * width * length: 3~80mm * 1000mm * 1220/2000mm;
2. Thick * width * long: 0.5~3.0mm * 1020mm * 1220mm;
3. Color: orange, black, yellow and brown.
4.Temperature resistance (continuous) C 140; temperature resistance (short time) C 300;
5.The coefficient of thermal expansion of the line Kx 10.

Bakelite board is widely used in high-end equipment because of its high temperature resistance, such as: ICT fixture, drilling machine, fixture board, high and low voltage wiring box.

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