The advantages of high temperature resistance of epoxy plate?

The advantages of high temperature resistance of epoxy plate?

The electrical insulation material –  epoxy plate has very high temperature resistance, and the high temperature resistance is about 160 degrees. It is fully applicable to the demand of some high-end electronic and electrical products. Do you know what the advantages of epoxy panels are? I think you may not be very clear, it doesn’t matter, then look down.

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Advantage 1: avoid the bad phenomena of laminated and deformed plates. The appearance of epoxy sheet under high temperature is easy to be deformed, which affects the appearance of the sheet, and some of them even have different phenomena. But its high temperature resistance can avoid the above situation.

Advantage two: avoid the performance of the plate. High temperature not only has an impact on the appearance of the contrast sheet, but also has a certain impact on the performance of the sheet, which may lead to damage the performance of the sheet.

Advantage three: increase the service life of the plate. Avoid all kinds of bad conditions on the impact of the plate, so you can delay the aging of the plate, save people’s replacement time, improve production efficiency.

The above is a brief description of the advantages of high temperature resistance of epoxy panels, if there is not clear or want to buy epoxy panels? You can call our technology or business people. Emial is

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