The Advantages of Epoxy Laminating Products

Electrical Insulating Material – Epoxy laminating products are usually in the form of sheet, barrel, bar, pipe and so on. The good physical and chemical properties of this material are very widely used in our electrical and electrical industries. What are the advantages of epoxy laminating products?

epoxy fiber sheet

1. the strength ratio of the epoxy resin laminates is high. The relative density of the laminated products is 1.3-2.0, lighter than metal aluminum, only 1/4-1/6 of iron and steel, but has good mechanical strength, but the specific strength of the epoxy glass cloth plate is higher than that of the high grade alloy steel and aluminum alloy.

2. The dielectric properties of the epoxy resin laminated products are excellent. High dielectric strength and resistance value, minimal dielectric loss and excellent arc resistance are suitable for insulation. High frequency dielectric loss of laminated paperboard is very small. It is suitable for high frequency equipment such as radio, television, radar and so on. Glass cloth plate is not subject to electromagnetic action, does not reflect radio waves and microwave transmission is good, so it is suitable for manufacturing aircraft, missile and radar parts. The copper clad laminate is widely used as a printed circuit for military, household appliances, telecommunications and electronic devices.

3. The corrosion resistance of the epoxy resin products is good. Epoxy laminated plastics are hardly wetted by water to produce conductive ions and prevent current passing. Good chemical stability, excellent chemical resistance, sea water moisture, mildew resistance and weatherability. It can replace metal parts for chemical equipment and parts and structural parts in electrical switches.

4. The epoxy resin products are heat-resistant. The epoxy glass cloth layer can be made of heat resistant insulating material, which is heat-resistant grade of B (130), F (155) and H (180 degrees C). It can be used in electric machines and electrical appliances of different heat-resistant grades. It can also be made into ablative material. Because the thermal conductivity of the glass cloth plate is very small, only the metal 1/200-1/600 can effectively protect the rocket and missile. And the effect of 5000-6000K high temperature and high speed airflow on spacecraft returning to the atmosphere.

5. the epoxy resin has excellent processability. It can be machined into various electrical machines, electrical and radio insulation devices and mechanical parts by means of machining methods such as saws, drills, cars, milling, planing and grinding.

The properties of epoxy laminated products depend on the system of epoxy adhesive, the type of substrate and the manufacturing process. Generally according to its composition and heat resistance grade, it can be divided into wood pulp insulation paper, insulating impregnated paper and cotton fiber paper with natural organic fiber as raw material, its heat resistance grade is A and E grade, and the non-woven fabric and woven fabric made from synthetic polymer fiber material are B, F and H grade.

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