Ten Advantages of Epoxy Resin Matrix Composites

Ten advantages of epoxy resin matrix composites

There are many epoxy resin based products, such as epoxy board, epoxy rod, epoxy phenolic glass cloth board and so on. What advantages do they have for so many epoxy based products? Zhongtian electrical equipment group, as the production and processing of epoxy resin products, will explain for you.

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1. the formation of materials and product formation at the same time. The production process of advanced composite materials, that is, the production process of products, directly affects the performance of materials or products. By using the characteristics of composite material forming and product forming at the same time, it can achieve one time integral molding of large products, thus simplifying the structure of products and reducing the number of components and connected parts. This team can reduce the quality of products, reduce process consumption and improve the structure to make use of the performance very favorable.

2. The processing performance is good and the comprehensive cost is low. A composite material can be molded in a variety of ways. It has a large selection of room, and can use cheap simple equipment and mould. It is the most economical and convenient forming process for single or small batch products.

3. raw material price is low, resin can add good. A large amount of reinforcing materials and fillers can be added to the composites. These fillers are widely used and low in price. It has a great effect on reducing the cost of raw materials.

4. The products are lightweight, high-strength, with outstanding specific strength and specific modulus. In particular, the relative density of fiber reinforced products is only 1.4-2.0, only 1/4-1/6 of ordinary steel is 1/3 lighter than that of aluminum alloy, while the mechanical strength reaches or exceeds the level of ordinary steel.

5. The dimensional stability is also good.The stability of the product is better under the normal condition, and the shrinkage is very small after the molding. The vermicular variable of thermosetting plastics after long time loading is much smaller than that of the thermoplastic.

6.superior heat resistance, high temperature resistance. In particular, the thermosetting resin matrix composites can not be softened after curing. The heat resistance of the products is quite good. Glass fiber / phenolic aldehyde is a good insulation material for rocket and missile engines.

7. Excellent electrical performance. If mica is used as filler, it has excellent electrical properties and can be used to manufacture special parts with excellent arc resistance, voltage resistance and excellent induction characteristics. There is no electrochemical corrosion and stray current corrosion. It can be widely used in the manufacture of insulation parts in instruments, motors and electrical appliances.

8.excellent corrosion resistance. No electrical conductivity, in the electrolyte solution will not dissolve the ions, so the atmosphere, water and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other medium have good chemical stability.

9. Good surface performance. In contact with chemical substances, there are no corrosive substances and little scaling on the surface. The friction coefficient of the produced pipes is small, the resistance is small, and a lot of power is saved.

10. The design and configurability are significant. Resin based materials, which belong to polymer materials, are plastic, and can change materials, proportion and arrangement of materials to adapt to different requirements of the material system.

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