Straight and oblique cuts on oily lacquer

Electrical equipment is often coated with lacquer (silk) tape for insulation. For 2210 oily silk lacquer, the stretchability of the tape parallel to the warp direction is small because of its low elasticity. Therefore, only the oblique cutting method can be used. To increase the tape elongation, so as to close the wrap when enveloping electronic components such as coils, reducing the formation of wrinkles and air gaps. The chamfer does not reduce its electrical breakdown when subjected to considerable pull along the warp direction. At the same time, the lacquer tape made by obliquely cutting at 45 degrees has many joints. In use, the overlapping of the packages increases the thickness.

The 2310 oily lacquer silk used as the base material of nylon spinning, due to its greater elasticity, the electrical breakdown performance is better after bending in the radial direction, so the 2310 oily lacquer silk is cut along the parallel radial direction (straight cut) As a result, the number of contacts is reduced, thereby avoiding the increase in thickness caused by overlapping of the silk during the wrapping process.

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