Specifications and uses of commonly used insulation products

Commonly used insulation products are insulation fiber products, impregnated fiber products and electrical laminates.

(1) Insulation fiber products. Insulating fiber products refer to insulation materials such as insulating paper, paperboard, paper tubes, and various fiber fabrics. They are commonly used in plant fibers, alkali-free glass fiber papers, and synthetic fibers.

① Insulating paper: Insulating paper is mainly composed of two types of plant fiber paper and synthetic fiber paper. According to the use, it can be divided into cable paper, telephone paper, capacitor paper and wound insulation paper.

②Insulating cardboard and paper tubes: Insulating cardboard can be used to make certain insulating parts and protective layers. The hard steel paperboard is tightly organized and has good machinability. It is suitable for small low-voltage motor wedges and other supporting insulating parts.

Steel paper tube Zinc oxide-treated non-adhesive cotton fiber paper is used for rinsing after being wound. It has good mechanical processing properties and is suitable for fuses, arrester cores and motor line bushings.

FRP composite steel paper tubes, also known as high-pressure arc suppression tubes, can be used as arc-extinguishing tubes for 10 to 110 kV fuses and arresters.

③Insulating yarns, belts, ropes and tubes E-glass fibres have good electrical properties and are used for the insulation of glass envelopes and installation wires. Alkali-glass fibre yarns are used for the weaving protection of X-ray cables and certain wire and cable.

Synthetic fiber with polyester fiber tape and polyester fiber and glass fiber interwoven tape, used as the binding of the motor coil, synthetic fiber rope mainly refers to the polyester wheel sheathed glass fiber rope, it has good heat resistance, high strength, can replace the gasket The wax wire is used to tie the end of the Class B motor coil.

(2) Impregnated fiber products. Impregnated fiber products, paint cloth, paint tubes and banding three categories, are made of insulating fiber material as the substrate, dip with insulating paint. Lacquer cloth is mainly used for insulation of motors, meters, appliances and transformer coils.

Insulating paint tubes are made of cotton, polyester, and glass fiber tubes that are immersed in different insulation lacquers and dried. They are used to insulate the electrical wires, electrical appliances, instrumentation, and other equipment and lead wires.

(3) Electrical laminates. Insulated electrical laminates are organic materials, inorganic fibers as the substrate, dip coated with different adhesives, laminated or insulated by heat-pressing or rolling, can be made with excellent electrical and mechanical properties and heat resistance, Oil, mold, arc, corona and other properties of the product. Electrical laminates are classified into laminates, laminated tubes and rods, and capacitor tube cores.

(4) Rubber, plastics, insulation films and their products for electrical purposes.

① The rubber used for electricians is mainly used for the insulation of electric wires and cables; the plastic used for electricians is of light weight, has excellent electrical properties, has sufficient hardness and mechanical strength, and is widely used in electrical equipment.

②Insulation film is made of several kinds of macromolecule materials, mainly used as electric motor, electric appliance coil and wire and cable wrap insulation and as capacitor dielectric.

③The polyester film insulation paper composite foil in the insulation film composite product has a thickness of 0.15~0.30mm, consists of a layer of polyester film and a layer of insulation (green shell paper), and is mainly used for the insulation of the E-class motor slot, the end Interlayer insulation; Polyester film glass cloth composite foil, thickness 0.17 ~ o.24mm, composed of a layer of polyester film and a layer of glass cloth, used for Class B motor slot insulation, end insulation layer, insulation between the turns Insulation with pad.

④Electrical tapes include film tapes, fabric tapes, and non-substrate tapes. In the film tapes, PVC tapes are used for general wire joints to wrap and insulate, and polyimide film tapes are used for class H motor coil insulation and slot insulation. No substrate tape is suitable for high voltage motor coil insulation.

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