The specific characteristics of epoxy plate

Detail the specific characteristics of epoxy plate

Epoxy panels are now one of the most outstanding materials in the insulation industry. Today’s achievements are inseparable from its characteristics. What is the specific feature of it? What are the specific advantages of these characteristics? Don’t worry, that’s the purpose of writing this article today.
fiber epoxy sheetThere is no doubt that it has good insulation performance, its parallel layer to breakdown voltage (at 90 + 2 C transformer oil): more than 40KV; so it is the most suitable to choose it as an electrical and electronic insulation component. In addition to this, it has a variety of features. This feature greatly increases the applicability of epoxy panels. It can almost meet the requirements of various resins, curing agents and modifiers. It can range from very low viscosity to high melting point solids. Moreover, its curing convenience, low shrinkage, mechanical properties and so on should not be inferior to other insulating materials.

Next, look at such excellent characteristics. What is the specific use of it?

Transformer oil: transformer is the soul of our entire electric power. The insulation, electricity saving, high temperature resistance, antistatic and flame retardancy of epoxy board are all qualified for this role.

Engine: the engine is the heart of the whole car. Nowadays, most of the insulation materials of engine are also made of epoxy board. Because of its good environmental protection performance. Meet the needs of high-end equipment, and also in line with the country’s sustainable development strategy.

High Speed Rail: high-speed rail technology has become an important technology in China’s diplomacy. The use of epoxy board as insulation material can greatly increase the service life. Because of its good toughness and easy processing, it has been accepted by people.

The above is the detailed explanation of the application field of epoxy plate characteristic prediction. If you have a need for this? Welcome to inquire. We are a professional manufacturer of epoxy plates and insulation materials. We have their own independent scientific research and technical team, and the processing technology is absolutely the best in the industry. Zhongtian is looking forward to working with you to create a better future.

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