The sound insulation effect of epoxy resin board

A brief discussion on the sound insulation effect of epoxy reisn board

I think many friends know that epoxy reisn board has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, insulation and high mechanical strength. What else does that have to do with that? What is the advantage of this effect? Look down on what you want to know.

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Epoxy resin board has a good sound insulation effect, it can absorb a lot of volume. Especially in many large-scale machinery, automobiles, greatly reduce the noise on people’s lives, to the entire city to bring high-quality environment. The following is a detailed explanation of its advantages in the industry.

Automobile industry: Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, private cars have become the most important means of transportation for people to travel. It is not only convenient for people to travel, but also to improve the status of people. However, the sound of car engines and whistles make the quiet life of the whole city bustling, causing people to be unable to work normally. And the epoxy resin board sound insulation, sound absorption effect is outstanding, this can reduce a lot of noise to the lowest, but also a healthy living environment.

Machinery industry: now with the advent of the mechanized era, it can greatly improve production efficiency. However, mechanical noise has become a problem that has been plagued by people. People who work in this environment for a long time have a great influence on people’s hearing. At the same time, let people’s mood also feel very restless. The sound insulation effect of the epoxy reisn plate can not completely eliminate the volume, but its sound insulation effect can reduce the noise pollution and create a good production environment.

It is not difficult to see from the above sound insulation effect is also very important, I think through this article, we must have a new understanding of the epoxy resin board. Of course, it also has the function of insulation. If you are interested? You can visit all kinds of electrical insulation materials produced by our company.

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