Single-phase isolation transformer

Single-phase transformers of the same capacity use 20% less iron and 3% less copper than three-phase transformers. Especially when using a rolled core structure, the no-load loss of the transformer can be reduced by more than 15%, which will reduce the manufacturing cost and the use cost of the single-phase transformer at the same time, thereby obtaining the best life cycle cost.

The use of a single-phase isolation transformer can save 33% to 63% of the conductors. According to the economic current density, it can save the conductor weight by 42%. According to the mechanical strength calculation, it can reduce the conductor consumption by 66%. Therefore, the construction investment of the entire transmission line can be reduced. This is of great significance in terms of street lighting and electricity for residents in the vast rural and urban areas in China.

Single-phase transformer facilitates modern production

Due to its simple structure, single-phase transformers are suitable for large-scale modern production, which is conducive to improving product quality and efficiency. Fourth, it is suitable to introduce new technologies, new materials and new processes. Because the single-phase transformer is light in weight, it can be flexibly installed on the pole to be used, which is convenient to go deep into the load center, reduce the power supply nearby, and improve the quality of power supply. Generally, single-phase transformers supply power in a small range, and the fault coverage is small, which is conducive to improving the reliability of power supply. At the same time, because single-phase transformers are light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and flexible to use, they can be used in single-phase or three-phase transformers.

Construction of single-phase power supply systems in light-load areas at the expense of small capacity transformers can reduce construction investment. The transformation of the single-phase power supply system in high-load areas must have a large economic investment. The author sees that some single-phase transformers have been piloted in residential communities. The practice is to convert large transformers into multiple small transformers and install them near the load to shorten the distance between the low-voltage trunk line. Since the distance from the power point to the load is constant, the low-voltage The power supply distance must inevitably extend the high-voltage transmission distance. This type of transformation requires a lot of investment. The no-load loss and load loss after using multiple small-capacity transformers are more than the original single large-capacity transformer. Third, the purchase funds for multiple small-capacity transformers are also greater than the purchase funds for a single large-capacity transformer. Due to the large amount of electricity used by residents abroad, several or each one uses a single-phase transformer because of the wealth of the country and the large amount of capital invested by the power sector.

Single-phase transformer applications

Single-phase transformers can only be applied to lighting or small motors due to their single voltage, and their application scope is limited. However, rural areas in China cannot be widely promoted because of their sideline businesses and workshops. Secondly, it is easy for people to resist the introduction of high voltage into the load center caused by single-phase transformers. Nowadays, people’s concept of the legal system has improved, and they also pay great attention to their living environment.

In recent years, the development of science and technology has promoted the development of single-phase transformers. The application of rolled iron cores and amorphous iron core technology to single-phase transformers can greatly reduce the core loss of transformers. When the urban and rural power grid is transformed to a certain extent, the share of line losses in the network loss will be greatly reduced, and the no-load loss of the distribution transformer will account for the main position of the network loss. Only by greatly reducing the core loss can it be expected to further reduce the power loss of the power grid. Therefore, single-phase transformers with rolled iron cores and amorphous iron cores have huge development potential.

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