How to repair bakelite plates

How to repair damaged bakelite plates during processing?

In the process of processing, there will be more or less, human, non-human factors, resulting in different degrees of damage to the bakelite board, how to make it again a new effect, the following is to say.
Of course, different situations should be treated differently. I will briefly list some common problems as well as the ways to repair them.

Phenolic Paper Laminated for Panel

For the scraped bakelite board

1. polishing. The surface roughness of the workpiece can be reduced by the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical actions to reduce the surface roughness of the surface, so that the processing method of bright and smooth surface can be obtained.

2.  use the banana water directly on the skin and use a wet towel to wash, but a bit choking on the nose, so when using the mask is good.

Burr phenomenon due to improper cutting during processing
Deburring using nonwoven products is a new technology and has advantages in efficiency, safety and aesthetics. And there were no two burrs. If the burr is at the edge angle, the non woven grinding wheel is a small round angle at the back corner of the burr, and the smooth surface is a guarantee for the smooth operation of the subsequent process.

Repair of plate bending in the process of processing
It may be that when the large piece of sheet is hot rolled, the uneven heat causes the bending of the sheet. A small number can be artificially flattened, but a large number of them can be reprocessed.

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