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Railway insulation material processing factory

In today’s society, railway is one of the important means of transportation for us. It has long been an indispensable place in China and other countries. Therefore, the safety of railways is very important to us. Among them, To ensure people’s lives are safe,the components of railways must use best quality products.

railway  insulation  material
At present, the insulating materials used in railways are epoxy and nylon materials. The insulating materials have good chemical corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation performance, excellent mechanical properties and high mechanical strength. Nowadays, it is an era of convenient transportation. Metro and high-speed rail have become Indispensable for our travel, in fact, in the construction of railways, insulation materials have been widely used, and the insulation materials can fully meet the requirements of these harsh environments.

 Zhongtian Company specializes in the production of insulating materials.The company uses computer numerical control equipment, precision machining, small error, high quality. Our Zhongtian price is better than other products. Small processing manufacturers will cut corners. Our company has 10 years. The history of the selection of high-quality materials processing, there have been many stable customers at home and abroad, our company’s insulation products have epoxy plates G10, G11, 3240, FR-4 and other models, other materials such as copper clad, bakelite, Dozens of materials such as POM, nylon, PEFT, etc., provide drawings for us to process, welcome to call to discuss

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