PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving

fiberglass insulation sleeve 2715 1.5kv pvc sleeving
1 .Description: Electrical PVC fiberglass Insulation Sleeving is made from non-alkali fiberglass coated with polyvinyl chlo 2715 fiberglass insulation sleeves ride resin under the high temperature. With good dielectric properties,chemical resistance, excellent softness and elasticity and antiaging properties.
1).resistance temperature is 105°C
2).breakdown voltage is from 1.5 to 7.0 KV.
3).Diameter: 0.5-40 mm
4).Packing: 50-100m/roll
5).temperature range: -25~105°C
3.Color: red line , green line ,blue line, and other colors according to request
4 .Applications:It’s used for wiring insulation, electrical machinery, electric appliances, motor etc
5.detail information
1. Technical Process: non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving coated with PVC under high temp
2. Features: Smooth appreance, felxible body, good dielectric, chemical resistance, super elasticity,
3. Color: Blue, green, red and straw yellow spiral lines or according to customers’ requests.
4.Applications: For wiring , radio, motors, appliances, electric instruments or apparatus and other electric equipment

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