The reasons for the insulation properties of insulating materials

The Reasons for the Insulation Properties of Insulating Materials

Insulation material is progressing with the development of Chinese power industry, so the insulation material will have a greater increase in demand. With the gradual progress of science and technology, the performance of insulation materials is gradually improved, especially the dielectric properties have been greatly improved. What are the reasons for dielectric properties? Next, introduce to you the reasons that affect the dielectric properties of insulating materials.

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1. The influence of temperature. The relationship between ionic crystals, molecular crystals, covalent atomic crystals and amorphous solids is roughly the same as that of temperature. The field strength increases with the increase of temperature in the low temperature zone, and the field strength decreases with the increase of temperature in the high temperature region.

2. The influence of the electrode structure and the medium. By using a clicking structure that can form a uniform electric field and using a suitable medium to eliminate the edge effect, the striking strength can be irrelevant to the thickness of the medium, otherwise the breakdown field strength decreases with the increase of the thickness of the medium.

3. The influence of impurities. For the crystalline medium, the addition of impurities to the mixed crystal will increase the breakdown strength and improve the insulation performance of the low temperature region. Breakdown strength decreases and insulation performance decreases in high temperature region.

4. The influence of solid structure. At low temperatures, the breakdown strength of the medium increases when the microscopic integrity of the solid structure increases. The breakdown strength of polymer material is higher than that of crystal material, and the breakdown strength of polar polymer is higher than that of non polarity, but the increase of macro inhomogeneity of the material will decrease the breakdown strength of electrical materials significantly.

5. The effect of voltage action time. When the voltage is long-term acting, the breakdown strength of the solid medium decreases with the extension of the voltage action time, that is, aging phenomenon. Especially in organic media, some insulating materials require arc resistance and leakage resistance. Recommended reading: how to judge insulation performance of insulation board?

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