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Electrical Insulating Material – Electronic parts processing of insulating board

Electronic parts processing of insulating board

Electrical insulation material – insulation board has a great use in the electronics industry. It can be insulated, can play a supporting role, and can cut off the high temperature. After the insulation board is processed, it can be made into a variety of electronic accessories, such as switch, transformer skeleton, gasket and so on. Zhongtian electrical equipment group is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of insulating panels and processing parts, including bakelite, phenolic boards, epoxy panels, etc.

Electric board: Electric plank is made of phenolic resin and cotton wool. The common colors are red brown, coffee and black. It can be used to make template clamps, drilling covers, transformers, etc., which is high temperature resistant to 100 degrees, mechanical strength is generally weak, weak acid and weak alkali corrosion.

Epoxy plate: epoxy plate type variety, common FR4, 3240, G10, G11, it is the epoxy resin and glass fiber at high temperature pressed and made, according to the requirements can add a variety of reagents, such as flame retardant, its high temperature resistant ability is 150 degrees Celsius, one side or double coated copper foil is copper clad plate, epoxy board added to the machine After the work, it can also be used for the use of the star wheel. The glass fiber tour star and the blue steel star wheel are the most used Star Tours in the market.

Phenolic  board: phenolic  plate is made of phenolic foam plastic. It is mainly used in building materials for its thermal insulation and fire protection. Its use temperature can reach 200 degrees C, and it does not shrink and embrittlement in low temperature environment.

Mica board: Mica board is made of natural mineral mica. There are many kinds of mica. The electronic products of muscovite and gold mica have the best electronic products, and their high temperature resistant ability is very good. It can reach 500 degrees centigrade, and the cost performance is high.

The above kinds of insulation board are the main products of ZTELEC. If you need insulation board or processing parts, welcome to call, we have many years of experience in production and sales, products through a number of ISO certification, and provide free proofing service, let you use more reassuring.

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