What are the problems in the processing of epoxy plates?

What are the problems in the processing of epoxy plates?

High quality epoxy plates require high technical processing. The quality of processing technology is directly related to the quality of the product. Here we will discuss what problems will appear in the process of epoxy board manufacturing. We can try to avoid problems and improve quality.

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Question one: blistering
If we are not fully integrated with the base plate during the processing, we can make the air available. There will be bubbles in the sheet metal. Small bubbles will affect the flatness of the sheet metal. Large bubbles may lead to short-circuit breakage of the sheet metal.

Question two: irregular concave and convex
To put it plainly, irregular bump on the surface of sheet metal. There are two kinds of concave and convex phenomena: bright and concave. The former is mainly caused by the harder things on the surface, while the latter is mainly caused by the pressure of fibers on the surface.

Question three: stratification.
Delamination has great influence on the appearance of the sheet, and the quality of the product is greatly reduced. It may be the amount and uniformity of epoxy resin applied, the temperature applied, the moderation of the working environment and so on.

Question four: burr phenomenon.
There are many factors that cause this problem, which may be caused by incomplete cutting and two time cutting. It is possible that the size of the hole is not selected right.

Question five: the oxidation of the plate.
Although oxidation does not affect the properties of plates, large oxidation is not allowed by many high-end electronic and electrical products. The main factors that cause oxidation of plates are excessive humidity in storage environment and long storage time. Others are stained by sweat on the hands of operators.

Question six: board.
Sometimes, because of the speed of processing, or the reason of the machine itself, it often happens. Therefore, in the process of sheet metal, there must be dedicated guards.

The above is part of the problem of epoxy board processing. Of course, if you have more ideas or questions? We can leave messages, let’s make progress together and share resources. After all, as the more representative insulation board in the electrical insulation material, it is widely used in the electrical industry. Once the problems arise, the impact will not be too small.

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