Problems and Solutions of Epoxy Laminates (Part one)

Common Quality Problems and Solutions of Epoxy Laminates (Part one)

The quality problems of epoxy laminates have internal and external factors. It involves the formulation characteristics of the epoxy resin, the properties and storage conditions of the reinforced material, the pre impregnated material, the setting of process parameters and the operator’s skills in the process of laminating.
Next, let’s talk about the problems and solutions of common epoxy laminates.

epoxy g10 sheet

1. The electrical epoxy laminate sheets are warped. The internal stress is mainly caused by the internal stress. The internal stress is caused by the excessive volatiles of prepreg, the uneven resin content and the same amplitude, the irrational collocation scheme, the suppression of rising pressure too fast, too fast cooling rate or insufficient time. Therefore, we should try to reduce the internal stress as much as possible. For example, it is necessary to give air and cold water to prevent the laminates from severe cold and heat shock. At the same time, the cooling time should be given to the foot. At the same time, we should pay attention to the uniformity of the heat and cooling of the laminate, and pay attention to the smooth of the pipe in the hot plate.

2. The surface of the laminated sheet is not evenly coloured. The reason is that the soluble resin content of the prepreg is small, the fluidity of the resin is poor; the preheating temperature is high and the time is long and the pressure is low. Therefore, the soluble resin content must be selected as the standard preimpregnating material. A thin plate and a thick plate are used when pressing. In order to increase the elasticity of the billet, the pressure and heat are uniform. If the sheet is pressed alone, the pad should be thicker, and the pressure should be tight when pressing. This can avoid defects such as hemp hole and uneven color.

3. The surface area glue and crack of the electrical laminate products. The surface crack is the high temperature in the middle of the hot plate, which causes the crack caused by the thermal stress. At the same time, the pressure and the temperature of the material must be controlled, so the pressure and temperature must be controlled when the resin flow is tight. As to the surface area glue, the local glue is too large, the flow of the resin is poor, the pressure is low and the pressure is not in time. Therefore, the quality of the prepreg should be strictly controlled and strictly controlled according to the pressing process.

4. laminate glass sheet lamination and cracking. It is mainly caused by poor bonding between layers of laminates, including the cracks in the prepreg mixed with aging preimpregnating material or some pre impregnated material, followed by the excessive preheating time or high temperature, which makes the resin aging in the pre impregnated material lose the bonding force, and the pressure in the preheating stage is too low to make the layer and the interlayer not close. Contact and bond with each other. In addition, the surface prepreg containing demoulding agent is sandwiched into the blank, resulting in poor adhesion and delamination.

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