The reasons for the popularity of bakelite plates

To reveal the reasons for the selling of bakelite plates

In recent years, bakelite sheet has been selling well in PCB, electrical appliances, jig, machinery and so on. What is the reason for it? Why does it stand out from a large number of products? I think a lot of friends will be in doubt. To help you answer questions, this is the purpose of my writing this article.

I think a product can be recognized by everyone, it must have its advantages, which can meet people’s needs. Take the online shopping platform, it enables people to buy things they like without leaving home, and the prices are cheap. The reason why QQ can always be so “fire” is that it can satisfy people’s chat and long-distance transfer of documents and so on. It is easy to see from the above that the selling of an article is inseparable from its own characteristics.

bakelite plate

Next I will introduce the material of the bakelite board and its performance characteristics.

It is a phenolic laminating board made of bleached wood paddle paper immersed in phenolic resin. It has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, insulation, high mechanical strength, impact resistance, antistatic and flame retardancy.

In order to help you better understand the bakelite board, I will give a detailed explanation of its performance characteristics.

High temperature resistance: for machinery and electrical appliances, the long time work of these high-power products will certainly produce a large amount of heat, which has a great influence on the material. The higher the temperature is, the lower the physical and chemical properties of the product will be. However, the high temperature (continuous) C 140 and short-term (short-term) C 300 resistance of bakelite can hardly be compared with them.

Insulation: with the rising of high voltage, today’s high voltage is as high as tens of volts. It is a great test for insulation material, and the insulation resistance of the bakelite plate is very high, and the surface resistance is 1023 Omega. So its insulation is beyond doubt.

Toughness is good: today’s machinery is not only outstanding in performance, but also requires innovation in appearance. In this era of electronic information, the change of electronic products is a replacement, and the toughness of the bakelite plate is very good. It can be processed into different forms according to different equipment, and the toughness is good. No doubt it is the icing on the cake.

I want you to read this article and know why the bakelite sheet can sell well. If you want to know more, you can visit the station, where there are more technical parameters, specifications and sizes for you to read.

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