Enameled wire

polyurethane enamelled round copper wire

Enameled wire

We are a professional manufacturer of insulation materials and transformers. The polyurethane enamelled round copper wire to be introduced below is an enameled wire mainly produced by our company.

Enameled wire features:
Enameled wire has good flexibility, good insulation performance, good direct welding performance, good high frequency performance, good moisture resistance, and can be colored.

The main application of enameled wire:
1. Enameled wire can be used to produce high temperature motors.
2. Electrical winding coil. Can be used for relays, micro-motors, small transformers, ignition coils, water valves and coil communications equipment and other equipment.
3. Because of its direct welding performance, it is widely used in welding, circuit and communication equipment. Special thick film enameled wire can be used for color TV’s vertical and low voltage coils. Suitable for relays, miniature motors, miniature transformers and communications equipment.

Our company has strong strength in insulating materials and transformers in China, and also has a number of certifications in the international community. If you are interested in the polyurethane enamelled round copper wire or other products of our company, please contact me. We welcome buyers and distributors to contact us. Looking forward to your messageļ¼

 Polyurethane enamelled round copper wire


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