Polyester Tape

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When it comes to electrical insulation material,ZTELEC is your preferred choice.

Electrical shrinkable polyester tape (Standard applied: GB/T20630.2-2006 /IEC61068-2:1991)

It is tape shaped insulation material weaved by polyester fiber. It has a certain degree heat resistance and insulation property. It is used for coil binding and fastening on transformers, reactors,electric motors and other products.It has high heat shrinkage rate, high hot tensile strength and no relaxation,no dropping,no pollutionl. Structure: plain
It is divided into different types ccording to different shrinkage rate: electrical polyester high shrinkage tape(shrinkage rate 40% ~ 45%) / electrical polyester low shrinkage tape(shrinkage rate 18% ~ 23%)

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