Polyester pultrusion rod

Polyester Pultrusion Strip Material:
This product is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarn impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin by the traction force and finally pultruded and solidified in hot mold.
Polyester Pultrusion Rod Advantages:
The product can be rectangular, I-shaped, angular, T-shaped, groove-shaped, tubular and cylindrical, etc.
Polyester Pultrusion Rod Application:
It is mainly used as insulation components of electrical equipment.

epoxy resin insulated

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZTELEC
Model Number:830
Type:Insulation Glass Fiber Pultrusion Product
Material:non-alkali glass fiber yarn
Application:High Voltage
Rated Voltage:10-45KV
Tensile Strength:Excellent
Product name:Unsaturated Polyester Resin Fiber Yarn Pultrusion Material 830
Resin:Unsaturated Polyester
Water Absorption:≤0.5%
Barcol Hardness:≥50
Breakdown Voltage:≥45KV
Standard:JB/T 10943-2010

Polyester Pultrusion Rod Parameters:

Polyester pultrusion rod

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