How to pick out FR-4 epoxy plate?

How to pick out the high quality FR-4 epoxy plate

With the continuous improvement of the performance of FR-4 epoxy board, its application scope is constantly expanding. So the manufacturers are also numerous, but for various reasons, the quality is different. How do you have a pair of eyesight to pick out high-quality plates?

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Eye observation method: as the saying goes, “eye to eye and six roads” means that observation is very important. Here is mainly to see whether its work is meticulous, and whether the color is different from each other. This is the most basic assessment of materials, imagine an enterprise can not even do this, then I think its quality assurance who will not believe.

Ear listening: of course, it is not for you to listen directly. But to listen to the reputation of enterprises in the industry, as the saying goes: “Gold cup silver cup is not as good as the people’s reputation,” the eyes of consumers are bright.

Hand touch: you can feel the epoxy board with your hand to see whether the feel is comfortable or not. A good plate doesn’t feel rough.

Measuring method: judging the quality of epoxy board, one of the most rigid standards is whether the thickness tolerance is accurate. You can measure according to specifications, specifications and sizes to see if the tolerance range is controlled within the range of 0.05mm.

Cutting method: it can cut the epoxy plate with the cutting tool to see if it will have a lot of powder dropped down, and then see whether the color of the plate inside it is consistent or not mixed with some leftover materials.

Burning: Burn on a fire to see if there is a lot of smoke and pungent odor, then leave the flame to see if it will extinguish itself. The high quality FR-4 epoxy board is non-toxic and tasteless, and has the characteristics of self interest.

Inspection method: you need to check the relevant certificates of manufacturers, whether they are in conformity with the relevant regulations of the state. Furthermore, we can see the manufacturer’s product manuals, see whether the paper and typeface writing are standard or not. Regular manufacturers have strict workmanship and will not commit inferior mistakes.

The above is how to select several high quality FR-4 epoxy panels, which has some limitations. If you have more questions to consult online, you are welcome to call us.

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