Phenolic laminated cotton cloth on sale

3025, 3026, 3027, 3028 Phenolic laminated cotton cloth board
The 3025 board is made by pressing the cotton cloth (crude) with a phenolic resin. With high mechanical properties, especially high bonding strength, it is suitable for parts of insulation structure in machinery, electrical machinery and electrical equipment, and can be used in transformer oil.
The 3026 board is made by pressing hot cotton cloth (fine) with phenolic resin. The product has high mechanical properties and is suitable for rotating anti-vibration and wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment. The 3027 board is made by hot pressing the cotton cloth (crude) with phenolic resin. The products have high mechanical properties and are suitable for use as components of insulating structures in machinery, motors and electrical equipment. They can be used in transformer oils. Electrical performance is better than 3025 boards. 3028 board is made of cotton (fine) soaked in phenolic resin and hot pressed. The mechanical properties of the product are the same as 3026, but the electrical performance is better than 3026 and can be used as small parts. This series of products insulation grade is E (120 °C). Technical indicators: (should comply with JB/T8149.2-2000 requirements)
Experimental methods: (1) Determination of appearance: evaluation with eyes. (2) Density measurement: According to the A method of GB/T1033. (3) Determination of other items: Performed according to GB/T5130. Application Tips: (1) Laminate and metal properties are different, and processing should be carried out according to JB/Z141 “Mechanical Processing Method of Insulating Laminate Products”. (2) Since the laminate has low thermal conductivity, a small feed rate and a high cutting speed should be used for machining. (3) Laminates are easy to absorb moisture after processing, and it is best to apply insulation paint for moisture-proof treatment. (4) Laminates are easy to generate large amounts of dust and odors during mechanical processing. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation, dust removal, and workers’ labor protection or dust collection devices.
Precautions: (1) The product absorbs moisture and should be stored in a dry, well ventilated environment during storage. (2) The product is damp during storage and machining and should be baked at low temperatures. (3) The product is stored for one year and exceeds the storage period. It can still be used after passing inspection.

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