Phenolic board

Phenolic board

Phenolic board Description :
The phenolic board is made by impregnating an epoxy phenolic resin with an electric alkali-free glass fiber cloth, followed by baking and hot pressing.

Advantages of Phenolic board:
1. Has high mechanical and dielectric properties.
2. Phenolic paperboard has good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has good processability, and its heat resistance is Grade B.
3. It has stable and stable conductivity, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerance

Applications of Phenolic board:
Applications in distribution cabinets: partitions, linings, terminal blocks, phase insulation, bottom end partitions, busbar support.
Application in the field of electronics: PCB industry drilling pad test fixture Silicone rubber button mold circuit board bottom plate.
Applications in the field of machinery: mold splints, countertop polishing pads, mechanical parts, etc.

The phenolic board can be used in electrical machines, electrical equipment as insulation components, as well as in thermal environments and transformer oils.

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