Phase Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Transformer

Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Transformer

Feature: Waveform smoothing,low harmonic pollution, good heat disspatio

Model: ZPSG Type Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Transformer

Features:  Low harmonic pollution. good heat disspation.strong to withstand thermal shock.over-load capacity.low loss and noise.

The rated capacity: 315—1600KVA

Rated voltage: 6KV+5% or 10KV+5%

It can be classified into several groups such as 9 secondary side, 12 secondary sides, 15 secondary sides and 24 secondary sides having various shifted phases,according to the capacity of the transformer

The phase shifting angles is o°, 12°, 24°,36°,48°,or according to the requirements of the customers.

Dry-type Transformer

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