Which is the better performance of insulating material?

Which is the better performance of that insulating material?

That kind of insulating material has the best performance? I think many friends must have similar questions in mind. To this end, I have summarized some information. Interested in looking down.

In fact, each insulation material has its own advantages. As long as you know the performance of each kind of insulation material, and then choose the material according to their specific needs, I think it is good. Next I will give a detailed explanation of the common insulating materials. Help you understand better.

insulation pipe

Epoxy plate
Its models are generally 3240, FR-4, G11 and so on. 3240 of its performance is slightly inferior to that of the other two types of epoxy panels. It only has good insulation performance at medium temperature. And it’s not very environmentally friendly in itself. But the price has a certain advantage. As for the following two types of epoxy board performance is very prominent, after repeated practice, it is a high-end electrical, electronic insulation material, by the majority of people’s trust and approval.

BakeliteĀ board
TheĀ bakelite board is in fact similar to the performance of the epoxy plate. It has excellent insulation, anti static, easy processing, good mechanical strength, no water absorption, high temperature resistance and so on. Now it is also a good material for electrical and electronic insulation parts. It differs from epoxy board in that it can be used for drilling holes, covers, fixtures, fixtures and so on for PCB drilling. With the rise of PCB and the appliance industry. The bakelite board is also well known.

Synthetic stone
Many friends only know that synthetic stones are used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom tops, floors and other home decoration areas. Synthetic stone has a very good high temperature resistance, its high temperature resistance as high as 300 degrees, after repeated high temperature, it still has a stable size and its flatness. It is the best choice for the industry.

I think you read this article better for the insulation material. Already have the answer in my heart. What if you have something that is not clear? Welcome to inquire.

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