Performance of 3240 insulating board

We all know that 3240 insulation board is a type of epoxy plate we often say, its temperature resistance level is F, that is, it can withstand 155 degrees of high temperature, with good mechanical and dielectric properties, suitable for mechanical insulation parts, transformer skeleton and so on. It is made of glass cloth and epoxy resin after lamination and other processes, the common color in China is yellow. For this type of insulation board naming rules, we have detailed descriptions in a few days ago.

Through the article “Different from 3240 epoxy board and FR4 epoxy board” we know that 3240 insulation board has an inadequate performance, is not flame retardant. Therefore, the application field is far less than the FR-4 epoxy plate, in the process of processing, can generally be processed by high-speed steel or carbide tools.

At present, the performance and quality of the 3240 insulation board on the market is uneven, so the performance of the 3240 epoxy board needs to be polished in the eyes. After all, safety production is the first guarantee, so we also hope that you will not believe some of the market lower than the market price of insulation board. 3240 the insulation board has excellent mechanical properties, shrinkage properties, small internal stress, and can improve adhesion strength.

For our company, in the insulation industry has been doing more than ten years of history, our 3240 insulation board can ensure that no impact on the use of scratches, uneven and other quality problems. Under normal circumstances, we can customize a certain size of insulation board according to customer requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us. Email: 

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