Performance index of laminates

What are the performance indicators for laminated plate insulation

The laminated plate is a common electrical insulating material. It is made of two or more layers of resin fiber. It is used widely, such as wooden crafts, high grade door pull rod, and textile machine. One of the high density laminates is suitable for transformer insulation. On the performance indicators of laminated plate insulation, the international standards include appearance, size, tolerance, heat resistance, compression strength, mechanical strength, and so on. Then we introduce the performance indicators in detail.\

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1. The appearance of laminates: Chinese standards do not require color, but for the surface requirements have a certain degree of smoothness and flatness. In certain countries, only a certain number of colors can be specified, because any coloring agent will affect the properties of the sheet.

2. The flatness of the laminates: Here we divide it into bending and distortion, that is, the deformation of the plane, which is the four angles and two sides in the same plane, and the distortion has three angles in one plane, and the other angle upwards, such as the unsuitable sheet of production process can appear wave wave type. In addition, the width, thickness and thickness of plates are usually fixed.

3. The density of laminate: the proportion of laminate, the quality of sheet area per unit area. Recommended reading: relationship between nominal thickness and allowable deviation of epoxy laminates

4. The heat resistance of the laminates: the insulating material needs to be roasted for 24 hours in the oven, and the surface of its surface can not appear as bubbles or 10mm on the edge. When the baking temperature is 20,000 hours, the bending strength of the vertical layer decreases by 50%. This test temperature is the long-term heat-resistant index temperature.

Through the above detailed introduction of the performance indicators of insulating laminates, we hope that the identification of laminates can be used as a guide. Improve the recognition of the laminates. Zhongtian electrical equipment group has been committed to the research and production of laminated insulation materials. With the continuous improvement of laminate quality, our service quality is also constantly improving, by your long-term cooperation customers trust.

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