Opaque insulating board

What are the opacity of the opaque insulating board?

The milk white insulation board used on the mobile phone and the computer leather bracing board is a light epoxy board. What are the material to remove the opaque insulating board from the epoxy plate? Common opaque opaque opaque insulation board also includes PC fire-proof insulation sheet, PP general plastic board and silicone rubber and other materials. What are the functions and uses of each opaque opaque milky insulating board?

epoxy board

Milky white light epoxy plate is a new type of epoxy insulating material with outstanding performance in epoxy plate. It has excellent heat resistance, smooth surface and small density relative to other epoxy insulation materials. It is mainly used for packaging materials and various leather bracing insulation boards. Of course, the price is the most expensive kind of epoxy plate; the milk white PC fireproof insulating film is also used. As the name suggests, the main function is fire protection. Besides this, it can also be used in automobile parts, film switch panel, portable equipment and touch panel to play the role of insulation and high temperature. But the milk white PP board is not easy to deform, the surface strength and hardness are high, the heat resistance is good, no poison and harmless, it is the drinking water sewage pipe, half Optimum materials for equipment and machinery in conductor plants and related industries.

The common milk white opaque insulation board and silicon (rubber) glue, silica gel also have inorganic and organic distinction, with excellent reliability and compressibility, good thermal conductivity, natural viscosity, UL and SGS and other environmental requirements certification, is an excellent thermal filling material, such as line plate and heat sink, IC and dispersion. Filling between hot sheet or product shell and IC and similar heat dissipation materials (such as metal shield) is widely used in electronic and electrical products and hardware accessories.

The performance of the opacity of the opaque insulating board is the application of these. ZTELEC produces a milky white epoxy plate. If there is a demand for the milky white light epoxy board, we can contact us directly.

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