Introduction of products
The performance of our S9,S10,S11 series 20kV and 35kv three-phase oil-immersed transformer conform to the standard of IEC”Power Transformer”and IEC60076 “Technical Parameters and Requirements of Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer”.The iron core is made of quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet,and in full-miter non-puncture structure and the coil is made of quality oxygen-free copper,featuring good outlook and safe running.The product are widely used in power transmission and distribution of industrial and agricultural power networks.

Main Functions and Features
1 High reliability, advanced level of performances, reasonable economical indicators.
2 The core joints are of stepped shape with 3 steps, and the surface of the core is coated with cured paint to lower losses and noise.
3 The winding has novel structure and its oil passage is reasonable designed. Its newly designed insulation structure helps enhance its mechanical strength and the short circuit withstanding ability.
4 The oil tank is in various types, all have good outlook.

Oil Immersed Power Transformer Images


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