Molding Process of Resin Matrix Composites

Resin matrix composites, also known as fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), are relatively mature and are the most widely used types of composite materials, usually using short cut or continuous fibers and their fabrics, strengthening thermosetting or thermoplastic resin matrix, through a composite process. The forming process has attracted much attention from the society. I will explain the molding technology of resin matrix composites in detail.

epoxy fiber board

Filament winding method: the fiber bundle is continuously dipped in epoxy resin, coiled in a certain mode, and then solidified. There are many kinds of winding modes. The most common one is the spiral winding mode, especially for the condition that the axial and circumferential direction is high, and the shaft hoop winding mode is adopted. This method is suitable for the manufacture of the hollow body, pipe, tank, box and so on.

Continuous extrusion method: the fiber bundle impregnated resin is introduced into the mould which is heated in the definite shape, and is continuously heated and solidified. The fiber is arranged on the axis side, and the axial strength is very high. It is suitable for making bars, pipes, corners, slots and so on.

Laminating process: forming the prepreg on a hot press by laminating. Generally, it is also used for interlining prepreg cloth and fiber bundle or yarn as prepreg. The dry laminating process of epoxy resin is usually used in the B stage, and the wet laminating process with liquid resin is also used. Suitable for making printed circuit boards, honeycomb boards, etc. The detailed explanation of the laminating process of the epoxy plate

Roll forming method: the preheating material is wound on the heating spindle which is clamped in the three roller and solidified. It is not suitable for molding long – sized products, and is suitable for the manufacture of products with many varieties and small quantities. In the actual production process, the most valuable method is laminated molding. The second is the filament winding process.

Reaction injection molding: the RTM molding process is a preformed reinforced material preform in the mold cavity, the resin is injected into the mold cavity under pressure, and the resin flow and infiltration reinforced material is preformed and solidified. It is very suitable for the fabrication of large and complex composite components. Detailed solution of epoxy resin RIM pultrusion process

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