Moistureproof FR4 epoxy plate

FR4 epoxy board has good moisture resistance, and is also suitable for insulating materials in transformer oil. So what’s the good of its moisture resistance? Is everyone already impatient? All right, no more words. Then look down.

fr4 plate

What benefits can the moistureproof FR4 epoxy plate bring?

1, Inhibit the growth of bacteria. In a long wet environment, it is easy to breed many bacteria. However, the non absorbent properties of FR4 epoxy board always keep the drying performance of the board, so that bacteria do not have a foothold.

2, Maintain the stability of the size. The non-water absorption property of FR4 epoxy sheet ensures the dimensional stability of the sheet on the flatness and prevents the occurrence of undesirable phenomena such as delamination and crimping.

3, Expand the application field of FR4 epoxy board. Because of its moisture resistance, it can be used in many wet and natural conditions to make insulation parts. For example: perennial working in outdoor transformer and transformer oil.

4, Delay the aging of the plate. FR4 epoxy board will not change because of humidity and directly retard the aging of plate life.

These are the four advantages of moisture resistance to FR4 epoxy panels. Of course, I have some limitations, if you have more opinions. You can leave a message. Good quality epoxy boards are naturally more damp-proof, so looking at the same epoxy boards can be a huge benefit.

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