Mechanical properties of epoxy plate breakthroughs

Mechanical properties of epoxy plate breakthroughs

Our company is a professional manufacturer of epoxy board, with its own independent scientific research team, with our continuous transcendence and continuous innovation concept, the mechanical properties of the epoxy plate we processed have broken through again, and I make a detailed explanation.

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First of all, let me take a look at what mechanical properties are.

Generally speaking, it refers to the mechanical characteristics of the material under a variety of environment (temperature, medium, humidity) and under various loads (tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc.).

Let’s take a look at the breakthrough of mechanical properties of epoxy board.

(1) anti fatigue. Fatigue has a great influence on the performance of the plate. The fatigue resistance of epoxy panels improves the resistance of epoxy panels to fatigue failure of materials and structural parts.

(2) extension performance. Under the action of tension and pressure, the material has greater plastic deformation before fracture. The plastic and life of the plate is greatly improved.

(3) the toughness has been broken again. Toughness greatly improves the bending strength of plates, and makes it possible to use diversified electrical equipment. The service life of the plate is improved.

(4) the ability to adapt to the temperature is stronger. The maximum temperature of the epoxy board can reach 160 degrees, which greatly expands the temperature limit of the board and does not need to worry about the influence of the high temperature on the life of the board.

Our factory specializes in R & D and production of epoxy plates. We have not only surpassed the performance of the plate, but also improve the appearance of the board, if you have the demand for the purchase. Welcome to inquire. Besides, we also have various kinds of electrical insulating materials such as copper clad laminate, phenolic cotton cloth sheet, phenolic cardboard and FR4 board.

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