Laminating Process of Epoxy Plate

Laminating process of epoxy plate
Laminating process is an important process in laminating. The laminating process is the impregnated rubber cloth, which is selected as the slab according to the pressing thickness, placed in the polished metal template, on the hot press, and heating, pressing, curing, cooling, demoulding, post treatment and so on between the two layers of formwork. Next we will introduce the epoxy board lamination process.

epoxy sheet thickness

(1) the rubber cloth cuts this. The process is to cut the adhesive tape to a certain size, and the cutting and shearing equipment can be used for continuous fixed length slicing or manual cutting. The glue cloth is cut, the size is accurate, the cut cloth is stacked and stacked, and the rubber cloth with different amount of glue and fluidity is stacked separately, and the record is stored and stored.

(2) rubber cloth selection. The adhesive tape selection process is very important to the quality of the laminate. If it is mismatched, it will cause cracks on the laminate, such as flax and hemp. On the surface of the selected boards, 2 sheets of adhesive tape with high surface viscosity and large fluidity should be placed on each side. Volatile matter content should not be too large. If the volatile content is too large, it should be used after drying.

(3) hot pressing process. The most important process parameters are the temperature, pressure and time. To overcome the vapor pressure of volatiles, make the adhesive resin flow, make the adhesive layer contact tightly, prevent the deformation of the sheet when cooling. The forming pressure is determined by the curing characteristics of the resin. Usually epoxy / phenolic laminate is 5.9MPa, epoxy plate is 3.9-5.9MPa.

(4) post treatment. The purpose of post-treatment is to further solidify the resin until it is completely cured, and at the same time, partially eliminate the internal stress of the products and improve the binding performance of the products. The post treatment of epoxy board and epoxy / phenolic board is maintained at about 130 150min 150 degrees.

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