Laminated Pipe Insulation Crepe Paper Tube

Laminated Pipe Insulation Crepe Paper Tube


Always used for the insulation sleeving in the oil immersion transformers.

Crepe paper tube for transformer
1. High purity
2. High oil-absorption
3. Good electric dielectric strength


Insulation class A (105 °C)

Direction of crepe paper is transversal.

The end of the last layer is bonded only.

Excellent compatibility with insulating liquids(mineral oils, silicon oils and ascerol oils).

Technical parameters


KV Breakdown in Oil:

.040″ wall
.060″ wall
.125″ wall
.185″ wall
.250″ wall

4 layers
6 layers
10 layers
15 layers
20 layers

26.2 KV
40.3 KV
57.9 KV
78.0 KV
104.0 KV

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