Laminate Sheets Process

electrical laminated wood

Laminate Sheets Process:
Two or more layers of thin black or plate are glued and pressed into a new plate with an increased thickness, such as a hard plate obtained by pressure-molding tens of layers or more of paper, cloth, etc. with phenolic or epoxy resin. .

Laminate Sheets  Performance:
Appearance, Dimensions and Tolerance Density, Straightness, Water Absorption, Martin’s Heat Resistance, Other Heat Resistance, Flammability, Thermal Stability, Acetone Resistance, Bending Strength, Compressive Strength, Impact Strength, Shear Strength, Viscosity Joint strength, tensile strength, electrical strength, resistive dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, compared to tracking index, punching, and machinability.

Its meaning is as follows:
(1) Appearance: Appearance includes surface finish and color. The traditional standards in China, the current standards have no color regulations, that is, they are all natural colors.
(2) Size: the length, width and thickness of the board.
(3) Straightness: It is divided into bending and twisting, that is, deformation of the plane.
(4) Density: The weight of the sheet per unit volume, the glass cloth board is higher than the paper cloth board.
(5) Water absorption: The sample is immersed in distilled water at a certain temperature (such as 23 ± 0.5 ° C) for a certain period of time (such as 24 ± 1 h).
(6) Martin’s heat resistance: load deformation temperature, a certain bending moment is applied to the sample, and placed in a special oven-type special hot oil bath.
(7) Long-term heat resistance: At the test temperature, when the sample is subjected to 20,000 hours, the total vertical layer bending strength is reduced by 50%. Is the test temperature a long-term heat resistance? Standard temperature.
(8) Thermal stability: The sample is baked in an oven for 24 hours at the temperature specified in the index. The surface of the sample should not be foamed, and cracks exceeding 10 mm deep should not occur at the edges.
(9) Combustibility: Also known as flame retardancy, self-extinguishing flame resistance, flame retardancy, fire resistance, flammability and other flammability is to assess the material’s ability to withstand and burn.

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