How to judge the insulation performance of the insulating board

How to judge the insulation performance of the insulating board

Insulation board, the reason why it is called insulation board, the important reason is that it has good insulation performance. Insulation board is a very common insulating rubber products, is a kind of product welcomed by the consumers. As the name suggests, the basic function of its existence is insulation, but it is not the only one, because its material determines that it generally owns the mechanical properties of plastic. But what is the measure of insulation performance? Next, let’s take a look at the explanation of Zhongtian electrical equipment group.

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1. volume insulation resistance. This is one of the main indicators to judge the insulation performance of insulation materials, insulation board insulation performance also needs to be identified by it. The volume of insulation products is strictly regulated. According to different needs, there are different volume standards. Generally speaking, the greater the volume resistance, the greater the resistance on the surface.

2. Breakdown voltage. Breakdown voltage is usually used to judge the insulation performance of insulation products made of rubber, which is an essential technical parameter. Every designer should pay attention to the problem of breakdown voltage when it is designed. This is not only the effect of insulation performance, but also an important standard for the safety and stability of the insulation board.

3. Dielectric constant. The term of dielectric constant is more specialized. It is a parameter to measure electrical conductivity. The more current the greater the dielectric constant is, the more current is passed in the same condition, the worse the insulation of the material. Therefore, in order to ensure that the insulation board can have good insulation, it is very important to maintain its dielectric constant to a certain extent.

These three points are important factors to judge the insulation performance of the insulating board. In addition, there are some other indicators and data which are the criteria for each insulation board. Consumers should also pay attention to these aspects of data when choosing to buy, must be sure that the products they choose are in line with their own needs.

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