Is the epoxy tube good?

Is the epoxy tube good?

Today, epoxy tubes have become the material of choice for current electrical and motor insulation, and there are many varieties on it. For many friends who are not familiar with this industry, it is doubtful. Is the epoxy tube good? In response to this question, I think that as long as you read this article, you will know what you know.
epoxy fiberglass tube

First of all, let’s make a simple understanding of the epoxy tube.

In fact, it is entirely made of a synthetic pipe. The main processing materials are made of electrical glass cloth and epoxy resin, which are then heated at high temperature and heat. And it is also a general term, its model generally includes 3240, FR-4, G10, G11. Specifically, you need to buy which type of epoxy tube, you can browse the station, where there are detailed instructions, I will not repeat it today.

Next, a detailed introduction to the performance characteristics of the epoxy tube will be given.

(1) High temperature resistance. Its high temperature resistance level is up to Class B, and the general high temperature resistance value is 155 degrees.
(2) Good dielectric properties. Parallel layer breakdown voltage (in 90±2 °C transformer oil): ≥40KV, suitable for high voltage switch, motor, electrical equipment for insulation parts.
(3) Convenient curing. Epoxy resin system can be cured in the temperature range of 0-180 °C by using various curing agents.
(4) Environmentally friendly pipes. Nowadays, with the pollution of the whole environment, today’s smog and PM2.5 have become common things. The epoxy tube is a halogen-free environmentally friendly tube, which is good for our environment.
(5) The surface is relatively flat, free of bubbles, oil and impurities.

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