Is the epoxy board a composite material?

Is the epoxy board a composite material?

Epoxy board is a commonly used insulating material. It can be processed into transformer parts, switch cabinet insulation parts, electric furnace insulation parts and semiconductor insulation parts. It has many models, FR4 and 3240 are the two most popular. The colors are yellow, water green and black, which can be selected according to actual needs.

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Let’s talk about whether the epoxy board is a composite material?

Definition of composite materials:

It refers to new materials that are reconstituted from two or more materials. One of the materials serves as the matrix, and the other material acts as a reinforcing material, and the performance complements each other.

The epoxy board is indeed a composite material, its base material is glass fiber, and the reinforcing material is epoxy resin. After pre-impregnating the glass fibers, the layers are laminated in a predetermined thickness and then pressed and solidified.

The single glass fiber has a large strength, but is easily bent and has good ductility after being mixed with the resin. Of course, some additives are added when the epoxy board is manufactured. For example, adding a curing agent can speed up the curing of the resin. Adding a stabilizer ensures that the epoxy resin will not be decomposed by high temperature during processing, assembly and use. The flammable agent can extinguish the material itself and increase safety.

Advantages of epoxy board:

As a composite material, the epoxy board has good performance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, insulation and fatigue resistance, and can work normally in a harsh environment.

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