Electrical Insulating Material-Introduction Of epoxy Laminating Materials

Specific introduction of epoxy laminating materials

The epoxy laminated product is an insulating composite material. Its main raw materials are glass fiber and epoxy resin. It occupies an important position in the electronics industry. Mainly because of its excellent performance, and can be processed into many products, such as switches, transformers, CCL, circuit boards and so on.

The advantages of epoxy laminating products. Epoxy laminating products include epoxy plates, epoxy pipes and epoxy rods, epoxy laminating products with insulation, good electric properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance to weak acid and weak alkali, and friction resistance. The following is specific,

Epoxy laminate sheet: the epoxy resin, the curing agent, the accelerator, the modifier, the glass cloth and so on are prepared. Then the glass fiber and other substrates are impregnated with epoxy plates to solidify the dry epoxy adhesive. Then, the epoxy adhesive tape is fully infiltrated through the glue to fold up, and as for several layers, the thickness is calculated according to the required thickness. Remember to control variables such as pressure, time and temperature. After the completion of the suppression, the surface should be treated and cut.

Epoxy laminated pipe: it is made by dry hot rolling process. Like epoxy board, epoxy adhesive tape should be made first, but the adhesive content of adhesive tape should be higher. Its process is simply like this, first heating the core mold, wrap the rubber cloth, and then open the machine to let the rubber cloth layer up, and finally slow down the speed of the volume, drying and curing to get the finished product.

Epoxy lamination rod: its molding method is basically the same as the epoxy tube, but because the rod is solid, the core stick must be very thin, and then the core will be rolled out and then the core is extracted and then solidified.

To sum up, you must have some understanding of epoxy lamination. Zhongtian electrical equipment group is a manufacturer specializing in the production of transformers and electrical insulating materials. If you have the need, welcome to come with the drawings.

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