Insulation material features: high density, uniform thickness, small shrinkage, smooth surface, full of toughness, mechanical strength, aging resistance and high electrical insulation properties.

Characteristics of the electrical properties of the insulation board: The size of the water contained in the board has a great influence on the electrical properties of the board. In general, the electrical properties of paperboard drastically decreased as the water content of the board increased.

Insulation board specification: 0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm

Epoxy board

The level of research and development of insulating materials is one of the keys to restricting the development of electrical technology. From the perspective of future trends, it is required to develop high-voltage, heat-resistant insulation, impact resistance, environmental protection insulation, composite insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, cryogenic resistance, radiation resistance and flame retardant materials, and to develop environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials.

The focus is on the development of epoxy mica insulation systems for high-voltage large-capacity generators, such as FR5, phlogopite, etc.; F, H-grade insulation series for small and medium-sized motors, such as unsaturated polyester resin glass mats; high-voltage transmission SF6 gaseous media for electrical equipment; new non-toxic synthetic media to replace chlorinated biphenyls; high-performance insulating oils; composite paper composite insulation; flame retardant rubber and plastic materials and surface protection materials, etc., while actively promoting traditional Electric equipment insulation material replacement.

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