How much voltage can withstand the insulation pipe

Insulation pipe is a collective name. There are glass fiber insulation casing, PVC casing, heat shrinkable casing, Teflon casing, ceramic casing and so on.

The yellow wax tube is a kind of fiberglass insulating sleeve. The non-alkaline glass tube is coated with an electrical insulating tube made of modified polyvinyl chloride resin. It has excellent flexibility and elasticity as well as good dielectric and chemical resistance. It is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical protection of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, radios and other devices.

insulation tube

Temperature resistance: 130 degrees Celsius (Class B)

Breakdown voltage: 1.5KV, 2.5KV, 4.0KV

Color: red blue green colored thread tube. There are also natural color tube.

Good insulation performance: The electrical bushing has good insulation and high breakdown voltage resistance and can withstand 25 kV without breakdown.

Strong impact resistance: The electrical bushing can withstand the pressure, can be deposited in the concrete, and is not afraid of the pressure and impact damage.

Good fireproof performance: The electrician’s casing has a high oxygen index and is flame-retardant. It instantly extinguishes when leaving the flame.

Moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance: The moisture protection of the electrical casing will not cause corrosion like the metal casing, and it is resistant to acid, alkali and oil.

Insect Pests: Electrical bushings do not emit stench-like odors, which can prevent pests from biting and destroying.

Flexible: Only one spring needs to be inserted in the tube, and bending can be performed without heating by hand.

Connection method: Use the plastic adhesive to directly connect the tube with various accessories to complete various wiring requirements.

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