This product is suitable for high voltage line facilities,technical reform of city network,polluted area,power facilities,line use,high voltage line hard jumper,high voltage transmission lines,high speed railway and city light rail traffic construction,et

1.No flaw,crack in the surface and interior  ,each bar color uniform(green or light yellow).

2.Can withstand the sawing,milling,planning,drilling,lathe and other mechanical processing.

3.Internal thread can be tapping with screw tap,external thread can be polished,but not allowed to bear overload.

4.It has good damping,creep resistance,fatigue resistance,fracture resistance ,high temperature resistance,stress corrosion resistance etc.

Polyimide Fiberglass Cloth Insulation End Ring

With their high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, natural lubricity, wear-resistance & insulation properties.

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