Insulation Material Manufacturers

The relevant provisions of the national industry, is more standardized classification methods:

① Paint, resin and glue

② Impregnated fiber products category

③ Laminated Products

④ Plastic

⑤ Mica products

⑥ Film, adhesive tape and composite products.

⑦ Other Insulation Materia

Generally, there are two main applications for the insulation materials, like electrical insulation materials and electronic insulating material. Our company mainly produces electrical insulation materials, used in various highvoltage transformers, motors, surge arresters many aspects, but also for other types of electrical and electronic products manufacturing

Electrical insulating materials applications or electronic insulating material have further subcategories, will involve more industry products

basic characteristi

The basic properties of insulation material include: Appearance properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, climate change, etc. These properties are mainly depending on its chemical composition and molecular structure

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