Insulating rods must first be inspected for the surface of the insulating rods. They must be smooth, free of cracks, and should not be damaged. The rods should be straight, and the connection of all parts should be secure. Qualified by the cycle test. Wear insulated gloves and insulated boots as required. Use high-voltage insulation rods on rainy days. In order to block the flow of water and maintain a certain dry surface, appropriate amount of rain cover must be installed. No less than 2 rain shields shall be installed for rated voltages of 10 kV and below, and not less than 4 for 35 kV and below. No special guards are allowed to operate outdoors during rain or snow.

Insulation materials are widely used in electrical appliances, electronic information, automotive and aerospace, etc., and the development of insulating materials such as insulating paints, insulating papers, insulating tubes, and insulating plates is also very considerable. In recent years, the innovative application of insulating materials has gradually become one of the key drivers for the implementation of sustainable energy solutions in China. In recent years, China’s domestic insulation materials industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially compared with foreign production companies, there are obvious cost advantages.

Insulating rods are made of high-quality glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and 306 resin phthalic anhydride, fiberglass fiber cloth and curing agent and other large insulating materials, after the first high temperature and then first set on the mold, and then remove the mold, through the second Secondary hot grinding, one rough grinding, two fine grinding, and then painted into other glass steel products, beautiful appearance, light structure, easy operation, with excellent mechanical and electrical properties, suitable for use under a variety of high pressure conditions, good insulation properties Use safety.

Requires the development of high-voltage, heat-resistant insulation, impact resistance, environmental protection insulation, composite insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, cryogenic, radiation and flame retardant materials, research and development of environmental protection and energy-saving materials, F, H for small and medium-sized motors Grade insulation series, such as unsaturated polyester resin glass mats, etc.; sulfur hexafluoride gaseous medium for high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment; new non-toxic synthetic medium replacing chlorinated biphenyl; high performance insulating oil; composite paper composite insulation Flame-retardant rubber and plastic materials and surface protection materials, etc. At the same time, we must actively promote the replacement of traditional electrical equipment insulation materials.

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