Insulation grade of epoxy board

insulation board (Insulation materials) industry opportunities

Insulation materials such as insulation board industry opportunities

At present, the failure rate of the insulation board industry in China : 3/10000 (one-thousandth of high-voltage part), two-tenths of that of glass and porcelain insulation plates, and stable operation of arresters; pillars and hollow insulating plates. Great progress; bushing products are more problematic. To this end, Ye Tinglu proposed that various manufacturing enterprises should further strengthen quality control, especially design, raw materials, and process control; strengthen the integration of sound, learning, and research, speed up the development of new products to meet the needs of power grid construction, and strengthen communication between supply and demand sides. Together to build a strong smart grid service. There are still some constraints in the rapid development of the industry.

Insulating sheet

Insulation material: The material composed of a material with a resistivity of 109 to 1022 Ω·Cm is called an insulating material in electrical technology, and is also called a dielectric material. Simply put, it is a material that isolates the charged body from other parts. Insulation material has very great resistance to DC current. Under the action of DC voltage, except for the tiny surface leakage current, it is practically non-conductive. For AC current, there is a capacitive current, but it is also considered not to be. Conductive. The greater the resistivity of the insulating material, the better the insulation performance.

The equipment and environment in which insulating paper is usually used are very special, so the material used to make these insulating papers is also very demanding. The first important thing is that the heat resistance is better because the heat generated during the operation of electrical equipment is very high. Larger, if the heat resistance is poor, the equipment will cause equipment aging in the case of long-term overheating; the second is the need for insulation resistance and high compressive strength, so that the electrical equipment will not appear during use. Electric leakage and other accidents occur; in the end, the materials used for the production of insulating paper must also have important characteristics such as thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, heat insulation and high mechanical strength.

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